How-to Setup the TF-card WiFi Adapter on Lichee Pi Zero

The TF WiFi card can be installed into the TF-card slot or stacked onto Lichee Pi Zero

Install into the SDcard slot
Stack the WiFi on top of the Lichee Pi Zero
  1. Stack on the top side

    • Solder 8 pins for SDIO WiFi & 4 Pins for BT.

      This method has some disadvantages: CPU & WiFi are stacked close together so temperature will higher than 60℃ on the SoC
  2. Stack the WiFi TF-card on the bottom side

    • This method have better heat dissipation, but you should note that the red part needs to be cut off, or you can’t insert an LCD cable
    • The antenna should be bent to the bottom side
  3. Stack the WiFi TF-card with 2.54 pitched slot
Setup the WiFI Driver:

Execute the following commands to setup wlan0:

How-to use Bluetooth

Short Cut:

Long Way:

  1. First enable the UART in dts:

    • sun8i-v3s.dtsi:

      uart0_pins_a: uart0@0 { pins = "PB8", "PB9"; function = "uart0";bias-pull-up; };
      uart1_pins_a: uart1@0 { Pins = "PE21", "PE22"; function = "uart1";bias-pull-up; };
      uart2_pins_a: uart2@0 { pins = "PB0", "PB1"; function = "uart2";bias-pull- Up; };

    • Sun8i-v3s-licheepi-zero.dts:

      &uart0 { pinctrl-0 = <&uart0_pins_a>;pinctrl-names = "default";status = "okay"; };
      &uart1 { pinctrl-0 = <&uart1_pins_a>;pinctrl-names = "default";status = "okay"; };
      &uart2 { pinctrl-0 = <&uart2_pins_a>;pinctrl-names = "default";status = "okay"; };

  2. Then enable Bluetooth in the kernel:

    [ ]Networking support->Bluetooth subsystem support
    [ ]Networking support->Bluetooth subsystem support->Bluetooth device->
    HC UART driver->Three-wire UART (H5) protocol support

  3. Finally, you can enable Bluetooth in the terminal and scan the device:

    ./ ttyS2
    hciconfig -a
    hciconfig hci0 up
    hcitool scan

Common WiFi Errors: